Blur Photography For Beginners

I like to experiment with blur photography. The suction effect transcends the subject from the picture into another dimension. Blur photography can be achieved if you know your camera's zooming capabilities.
In the summer of 2014 I went to Paris, thinking I have to find some great photos sites. After all, Paris is the most beautiful capital in the world. You can find so many interesting subjects out there but I already knew that they were already captured millions of times. So I had to figure something out. One day I camed across the George Pompidou museum of contemporary art. I said to myself that I can capture some arhitectural shots, while I'm here., and I started to look for good angles to shot from. As I got closer, I noticed several photographers adjusting their cameras. I figured I won't be doing anything unique that hasn't been done before. Since I have never visited the museum, I decide to enter.
As I entered I noticed the glass-enclosed skywalk and suddently got some great ideas for blur photography. The skywalk structure is uniform and transparent, therefore I figured there was enough light to incorporate my "suction effect". The museum was full of asian and american tourists, so I had plenty of subjects to choose from.

I visualized the picture in my head, only thing I needed was to capture it. In order to be ready, I started working on my camera settings. To get the blur effect, I had to push my Canon 5D to its limits. I set the ISO to 50 and aperture to 22 to have a longer exposure time. To get enough zoom range, I used a 24-105mm lens. Got myself in a steady position to avoid shaking. I don't really use a tripod, if you wondered. After I took 6-7 shots, I noticed two tourist passing by. That was the moment I was waiting for. I took several shots and ended up with 1 or 2 that I actually liked. I adjusted the image with some post-processing arrangement. And this is how "The Time Travelers" was born.
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Photography Tips And Tricks - Impress Your Friends!

The best photography tips and tricks are, usually, discovered by chance. You stumbled upon a certain object and realised that, if photographed behind you, it will look like you're holding its miniature size. Camera illusions are so much fun, right? Everyone begs you to tell them how did you photographed that car or how did that horse ended up in your palms.I love it!
Some of your friends point at you... "Yeah, everyone can do it in Photoshop!".
You insta show them the pictures in your camera and they look real, unmodified whatsoever.

"That's unreal...Unbelievable...You gotta teach me!".
"I only played with In-Camera Illusions!".
"I need to learn this to scare my grandma!", one of your friends noted.
"I can teach you photography tips and tricks for 50$!!! Just kidding, I'll take 10$"!!!
How to do it: Its very easy, actually. As a photographer, you need to align the camera in front of your model, until it will appear to interact with a certain object located behind or in front of the model. It is important to use the smallest aperture possible. This is done to increase the depth in the panorama so every detail will be focused.
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Creative photography for everyone

Photos are so much interesting when we use creative photography. With the help of digital technology, we can see the images as soon as we take the photos so anyone can take better pictures rightaway. To create good photographs it is very important to prepare to get the desired pictures. Choosing the shooting locations is also a very important aspect of photography. You can spot great photo ideas in various places like zoo parks, botanical gardens,parks or city nightlife. When we cannot shoot outdoors because of various aspects like weather conditions or certain restrictions we can choose indoor shooting. It is good to know your camera so we won't miss a light shade that will only last a couple of seconds. Also know that not always quantity is important in photography.We can shoot an entire day and not get a single decent photo so patience is another aspect to consider.
Landscapes and buildings are some of the most common desired spots to shoot at. You can shoot a certain landscape the traditional way and then you can shoot creatively, also. You need to wait for the perfect moment of the day, as some buildings need a certain shade or sunlight to be captured at their best.
Taking photos of people work best when they are distracted from camera or when they don't even know that someone is taking a photo of them.

When you know you have found a great photo location try visiting it several times. By that, the photos will improve with each visit as you already know the best scenarios or moments for your chosen photos. Visit the internet for interesting places to shoot, especially the photography forums.
Light has its importance in taking pictures. A proper light can have positive impact on your photos. Before shooting a certain photo, ask yourself if the light has a positive or a negative impact on the subject? Does the light focuses on the subject or only on certain details that takes away the subject's aura? Is the light softer or brighter on certain edges? You can use the LCD of your camera to see all these details.
So, knowing these aspects, go shoot some photos today. Let the inner artist shine through you, find great angles, choose the proper light and make it happen.