Photography Tips And Tricks - Impress Your Friends!

The best photography tips and tricks are, usually, discovered by chance. You stumbled upon a certain object and realised that, if photographed behind you, it will look like you're holding its miniature size. Camera illusions are so much fun, right? Everyone begs you to tell them how did you photographed that car or how did that horse ended up in your palms.I love it!
Some of your friends point at you... "Yeah, everyone can do it in Photoshop!".
You insta show them the pictures in your camera and they look real, unmodified whatsoever.

"That's unreal...Unbelievable...You gotta teach me!".
"I only played with In-Camera Illusions!".
"I need to learn this to scare my grandma!", one of your friends noted.
"I can teach you photography tips and tricks for 50$!!! Just kidding, I'll take 10$"!!!
How to do it: Its very easy, actually. As a photographer, you need to align the camera in front of your model, until it will appear to interact with a certain object located behind or in front of the model. It is important to use the smallest aperture possible. This is done to increase the depth in the panorama so every detail will be focused.
Find out how to do more creative photography illusions by clicking this webpage!

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    Adam@Digital signatures (Thursday, 04 June 2015 07:34)

    You did shared interesting tips and tricks to take good photographs. I'm definitely going to give some of those a try.