Blur Photography For Beginners

I like to experiment with blur photography. The suction effect transcends the subject from the picture into another dimension. Blur photography can be achieved if you know your camera's zooming capabilities.
In the summer of 2014 I went to Paris, thinking I have to find some great photos sites. After all, Paris is the most beautiful capital in the world. You can find so many interesting subjects out there but I already knew that they were already captured millions of times. So I had to figure something out. One day I camed across the George Pompidou museum of contemporary art. I said to myself that I can capture some arhitectural shots, while I'm here., and I started to look for good angles to shot from. As I got closer, I noticed several photographers adjusting their cameras. I figured I won't be doing anything unique that hasn't been done before. Since I have never visited the museum, I decide to enter.
As I entered I noticed the glass-enclosed skywalk and suddently got some great ideas for blur photography. The skywalk structure is uniform and transparent, therefore I figured there was enough light to incorporate my "suction effect". The museum was full of asian and american tourists, so I had plenty of subjects to choose from.

I visualized the picture in my head, only thing I needed was to capture it. In order to be ready, I started working on my camera settings. To get the blur effect, I had to push my Canon 5D to its limits. I set the ISO to 50 and aperture to 22 to have a longer exposure time. To get enough zoom range, I used a 24-105mm lens. Got myself in a steady position to avoid shaking. I don't really use a tripod, if you wondered. After I took 6-7 shots, I noticed two tourist passing by. That was the moment I was waiting for. I took several shots and ended up with 1 or 2 that I actually liked. I adjusted the image with some post-processing arrangement. And this is how "The Time Travelers" was born.
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